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Place funding information on MOE Website

Published:Wednesday | August 9, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I am seeing the Ministry of Education (MOE) sending out communication about the "facts" and I am submitting to the MOE that all they need to do is place a breakdown of all the funding to all schools on the MOE website for all to see.

This 10-point factotum still does not adequately display the macro and micro picture and only leads to more confusion and contention for all the parties involved.

I think everyone will want to know what each school gets for PATH, STEM and the other myriad of expenses that schools are obliged to pay out each year.

Placing such information online will allow parents, PTA and persons in the diaspora who may want to give more funding to the education sector to avail themselves of the information to see specific areas to assist.


Boys at risk


On another matter and concerning the crime situation in the country, the MOE needs to look at boys at risk in schools immediately as they are the ones being recruited to become gunmen. I remember going to a community many years ago and met a young man termed a 'shotta', who went to the same 'prominent' Kingston high school I went to. I myself grew up in a community where shots provided a lot of rhythm to my nightly studies from time to time. I remember a gun being placed in my hands, too, just to see how it feel. However, my grandmother and my uncles provided enough motivation for me not to attend to a lifestyle of gunmanship. Indeed, I lost a school friend who accidentally shot himself while playing with a gun.

Mark Trought