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Of greatness and graciousness

Published:Thursday | August 10, 2017 | 2:06 PM


Beyond any shadow of a doubt, the very best of Jamaica and our people was on show when Usain and Elaine donned our national colours recently.

Despite the disappointment, I found myself being more proud of them in their defeat than in each of their victories in Rio last year. The graciousness with which they accepted their fate is just another aspect of their true greatness.

The man whom the world has grown to love and whom everyone in the stadium that day had come to see was the very first person to congratulate, with a warm embrace, the man who hitherto had been cast by all as a villain.

The darling of Jamaica also showed her greatness in not seeking to make any excuses for her defeat and was magnanimous in congratulating her victors.

Our two heroes have shown us that greatness, as exemplified by their exploits on the track, has only been enhanced by their graciousness in defeat.


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