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NWC tardy on Manor Park Estate repair

Published:Sunday | August 13, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I am trying to get the attention of the National Water Commission (NWC), from which I have been requesting assistance for the past several months, to no avail.

I reported a leak on the grounds of the Manor Park Estate apartment complex to the NWC after the plumber advised that they would have to attend to the leak, as it was coming from the bank of meters.

The initial report was made to the call centre some time during the week of July 5 (the exact dates escape me as it has been so long), and I was given a reference number - 4065130 - and told to use this number in any future queries.

The technicians visited the complex sometime the following week. The matter was, however, not resolved, so I called the NWC call centre, quoting the reference number given. I was told that the job has not been closed, which indicated that the technicians intended to revisit.

When weeks passed with no visit, I called again and was told that the job was now closed. I was given a new reference number - 4093134 - and was assured that the matter would be escalated to urgent.

To date, the technicians have not visited the complex, and the leak continues. I have now resorted to making new reports every so often, as all I am told when I call and quote the reference number is that the job is not closed and that they will list it as urgent.

The accumulation of water is now causing additional problems as, besides the waste of the precious commodity, the mosquitoes, and the inconvenience to residents, we have now had to find a way to channel the water the grounds, which has the potential for further problems.

I write this letter out of desperation that it will somehow reach the eyes and ears of the authorities at the NWC so that the necessary attention may be paid.


Manor Park Estate