Sat | Dec 2, 2023

Put Zimbabwe’s shame on politicians

Published:Monday | August 14, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I wish to augment the very strident criticism of Ian Boyne's column. (Sunday Gleaner, August 13, 2017) titled 'The shame of Zimbabwe'. The callous murder of Micholle Moulton, by degenerate gunmen, in the comfort of her bed, and the subsequent defence of the community disclaiming that the act was perpetrated by community hoodlums, depicts the despicable abyss of evil into which our nation has fallen.

The ignominious scourge of pork barrel politics must be deprecated by all sober-minded and decent citizens. We must hold these politicians accountable. In this regard, I posit these recommendations to resuscitate our moribund country from its social, economic, and spiritual bankruptcy.

- The National Integrity Action group led by Professor Trevor Munroe must set out a protocol for behaviour by our politicians and embark upon a strident campaign condemning the perpetuation of garrison politics.

- The plan must insist that the prime minister, other politicians, and the police commissioner abandon the practice of running to every murder scene to give lip-service solace to victims of carnage.

- They must insist that all politicians disavow publicly their corrupt ties to gangsters and area dons and table a private motion in Parliament seeking to legislate specifically against corrupt politicians.

- They must insist that the public defender join the fight for poor people's rights.

- They must charge the wimpy police force to arise from their slumber.