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Butt-kissing Boyne playin' politics

Published:Thursday | August 17, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I am writing about that the garbage Ian Boyne wrote recently with title 'The shame of Zimbabwe' (Sunday Gleaner, August 3, 2017). He is a journalist I used to have great respect for, but after reading what he wrote, that respect went through the window.

Since the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) took power, I have noticed that credible journalism also went through the window. What we are getting now is mostly politicisation, which is disastrous for the country.

What Ian Boyne wrote was a perfect example.

Boyne has been running around kissing Mr Holness' butt. He was so eager for the Zones of Special Operations Bill to be passed - it was approved more than a month ago - and the murders are still piling up. Now Boyne is playing politics with the death of the girl in Arnett Gardens.

So many children have been murdered brutally all over the island. Even in July, a 17-year-old female was murdered in the prime minister's constituency, and it wasn't a big deal to the media.

I didn't see Mr Holness putting up pics of him visiting the family of the victim, never heard the outcry for this girl, and certainly didn't see an article for this girl from Mr Boyne. They are playing politics with Micholle Moulton's death, which is so wrong on so many different levels.

I thought the JLP formed the Government and that Mr Holness was the prime minister of all Jamaicans. I didn't know that he was just a Labourite when he visited Moulton's mother.

Shame on you, Mr Boyne.