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Damaging free speech

Published:Wednesday | August 23, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I am growing increasingly concerned about our so-called free press. We love to brag about how much freedom of speech we have; but, is 'free speech' hurting us ? I say it is. Let me give an example.

There was a report last week naming Jamaica as a dangerous place for females to visit alone.

That report spread like wildfire on social and other media.

A Jamaican who runs a radio talk show in Florida warned women to be careful when visiting Jamaica because, as he put it, "Jamaica full ah AIDS".

Here is the mystery. Most of his advertisers are big players in the tourism sector, including the Jamaica Tourist Board! Could someone at the board explain this mystery? Since his programmes offer little more than a running commentary on crimes taking place in Jamaica, what is the value in advertising on this programme?

No one wants to stifle free speech, but when it comes to hurting our economy, I draw the line.

Charles Clinton