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Make highways safer for motorists

Published:Monday | August 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I am a road user who happened to travel from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios in recent times. Would you know that on some parts of the roadway, there is total darkness! No street lights! No white markings to help motorists identify where the road stops, turns, slants or ends! No reflectors, or 'cat eyes', to help one see if the road curves, bends or is straight!

The road user is left to the mercy of the headlights on the vehicle or the blinding lights of oncoming traffic. No wonder the road in places like Queen's Highway, Laughlands and Duncans is a death zone. No street lighting!

We are bombarded with the news of horrific motor vehicle deaths. Are the authorities really serious about safety on the roads? Help us, the road users, by providing the light on our path. Install reflectors, street lights or even reflective paint on the nation's roads.

I was amazed that we reached our destination safely. Guard rails are not visible, except for that moment like a frightened deer in head lights. Paint these with reflective paint and set up reflectors.

Whereas it is our responsibility to drive responsibly, within the speed limit and with respect towards our fellow road users, it is a responsibility of the Government to make thoroughfares less dangerous! I demand it!