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Why Mr Warmington, why?

Published:Wednesday | August 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM


For nearly four years, there is a section of Bushy Park Road,St Catherine, which has been dug up and no work done to this day. This deplorable section spans the main at Gutters and ends just after the train line, as well as after the overhead bridge for Highway 2000.

As a result of this undesirable road, transport owners experience the unnecessary expense and nuisance of high motor vehicle upkeep costs from traversing this area. Likewise, residents and commuters are, daily, subjected to the health hazard presented by the heavy swirling dust which comes from the road.

Everald Warmington has been the member of parliament for this area since 2002. Here's what I find interesting. This Bushy Park road from the top of Gutters, which leads right back to Old Harbour Bay, is a strong political base for Mr Warmington.

The section of the road leading from Old Harbour Bay to the over-head bridge for Highway 2000 is finely paved, as against the awful condition of the approximately 300-metre section in question. To minimise damage, it takes about 10 minutes to complete this 300 metres. Why Mr Warmington ? Why? Why in nearly four years the remaining portion of the road has not been fixed and yet a road directly opposite Bushy Park was recently fixed, even up to last year?

Is it a political issue? Is it that you believe the residents of this section of the road vote the opposite of your political position and so this is your way of getting back? Can you please oblige?

Concerned commuter and homeowner of Bushy Park area.