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Letter of the Day | Exploit power of your vagina

Published:Thursday | August 31, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I agree with Dr Michael Abrahams in his online Gleaner article titled 'Man shortage' (August 21, 2017) that our society lacks sufficient men competent enough for women to have stable long-term relationships. I have also heard similar sentiments of women desirous of a serious relationship that "dem cyaah find nuh man".

The man shortage is partly caused by society's misguided narrative on what manhood should represent: a rough, emotionally ignorant, irresponsible person whose penis is his compass rather than his value system. Men in our society are forced to fit the status quo or stick out like a sore thumb.

Like some people in our society, I will not totally put the blame on women. Other factors sculpt males into the grotesque beings that we see from time to time.

However, women have the power to change this problem, and this is for one reason: You have a vagina, and you, the woman, control what goes in and what comes out. Collectively, women have the ability to raise and maintain the standard for all men.

Ultimately, women are the ones being pursued, and they can stipulate the characteristics of the man with whom they want to be partner. I know that women are attracted to different things, but there can be baseline characteristics for men to which women within the society can collectively agree.

Men will change their behaviour because they are forced to do so.

Women have great influence over the children they have. Good values can be instilled from an early age. Over time, these values will become the norm in society. It has to be a collective effort, however.

I'm not saying that women can't be tricked by men. I'm just indicating that women have the power to change the problems that they face with males.

You have a vagina, and therefore, you have power!