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Talking Jamaican

Published:Sunday | September 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people of Texas, and we pray for their prompt relief and recovery from the distress and losses that they have endured from Hurricane Harvey.

On another subject, we have heard the word 'TEXACO' mentioned several times on the news recently. The American TV announcers pronounce that word as 'TIXICO', or 'TICK-SI-CO'.

We Jamaicans know that the correct pronunciation of that name is 'TEX-AHHHH-CO'.

As in: "Raaahtid! Dem jus' hole up de TEX-AHHHH-CO gyas station!"

How are we going to educate those American TV announcers?

A wa rang wid dem dey American dem, mek dem cyaaan tahk proppa Hinglish? Dem affi come a Jamaica! We will teach dem de righteous and proppa way fi tahhk, mek dem laff down inna dem belly all de time, an no wam fe tap tahhkin! Plus, dem cyan lay out pon de beach inna de hat sun, drinkin rum an Red Stripe, eatin patty an curry goat, lookin pon de gal dem, an feelin good all ova demself.

We all know that Texaco - The Texas Oil Company - refines crude oil and sells gasolene. They have nothing to do with ticks!

Tek care, you hear, man! An watch you langwidge! You mus ave proppa pronunciation an tahhk proppa Hinglish! Cool breeze!