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Tribute to Dexter

Published:Monday | September 4, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Through this medium, I wish to offer solace to the relatives and close friends of fashion designer Dexter Pottinger who, purportedly, was knifed to death.

Upon learning of his demise, the following enveloped my consciousness.

His cries for help were gobbled by the wind

On that novel weekday morning, which brought ill-will.

Some stupid, heartless, hands engaged the knife

Which blindly dispensed wounds to claim his '3D' life!

An enterprising gentleman he was.

He gave essence to the outfits he designed.

The world of fashion stands dumbfounded at this time

As shrouds of various hues materialise.

What satisfaction can be had

By the one who placed his breath on hold?

Luckily, the flagrant stench of death

Cannot now disrupt his soul!

Let the grim feet run and hide

With the hands that did the crime!

Tell them -

'Patience has no place to go, whilst she sits with time!

! Descansa en paz, hermano! - Rest in peace, brother!'