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Letter of the Day | Zones of Special Operations, thank you

Published:Wednesday | September 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM


This is an open letter to Prime Minister Holness.

I hear people criticising the security task force which you and your administration trained and put into operation. But I thank you for delivering on your election promise to fight crime.

I will not remain silent, as those who speak against this joint-force operations against crime voice their opinions as if they speak for all Jamaicans.

Yes, I do believe that unemployment is a big factor in the cause of crime, for poverty does breed crime. But many people choose to be criminals rather than productive individuals who contribute to this nation by using their talents and good opportunities presented to them.

Criminals (gunmen, drug dealers, area dons, extortionists and gangs) have plunged many communities in Jamaica into stagnation, oppression, fear, poverty, exploitation and abuse (physical, physiological, sexual, emotional and financial). Not to mention the very horrific image of this beautiful, vibrant and rich island and its people these criminals portray to the world.

Mr Prime Minister, many Jamaicans are flat-out hypocritical, including human-rights groups (who seem more concerned with the rights of criminals rather than those of law-abiding citizens), and not to mention the negative response to the task force by a former high-ranking police officer and members of the opposition party.

They complain about the high murder rate and gun violence in Jamaica, and now that you have taken steps to attack these criminals and the hopelessness and hardships they bring to innocent people and the very real negative impact they have on economic growth, some are complaining. And if you do nothing, they complain.

My advice to you, sir: just continue doing your thing, despite the critics.

I am glad that you have married the military and police force to fight these criminals. As long as the human rights of law-abiding citizens are not breached, I am pleased with your actions, including the reward of cash for guns.

Sir, I have challenged your logic concerning several things, but this special security task force which you and your team have put into operation I support fully.

The zone of special operations task force is a good thing and I believe it should be expanded to operate in several communities simultaneously.

Donovan Brown