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Pollard should apologise to Erwin Lewis.

Published:Wednesday | September 6, 2017 | 1:34 PM


The despicable behaviour by Kieron Pollard did one of the most unfortunate acts: to rob Evin Lewis of a place in history by becoming the fastest century scorer in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL). This has catapulted crude behaviour to the next level. When we say fair play, it means you play the game in a manner in which both parties are satisfied with the behaviour exhibited by the opponents.

How will we raise families and expect children to behave honourably when the life we display at work is intolerable to virtually everyone? Cricket is considered the gentleman's sport, but Mr Pollard has brought the sport into disrepute with his less-than-common behaviour. The win-at-all-cost mentality has to stop and give way to fair play. To be honest, this is why the get-rich mentality has caught on so fiercely into society. What precedent are we setting for young up-and-coming cricketers to emulate?

If Evin had set the CPL record at Pollard's expense, all he had to do is to take a flashback on where he went wrong and continue on his journey. This is why I admire 'walkers' like Brian Lara who does not wait on the umpire to tell him he is out: he walks on his own volition, for want of a better word.

We can help wipe corruption from our society if we work more on our character. Pollard should be condemned in all quarters for his lack of insight and goodwill.

Paris Taylor

Greater Portmore