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Letter of the Day | Get rid of brothel in Meadowbrook

Published:Monday | September 11, 2017 | 12:00 AM


We, the residents of the community of Meadow Way, are writing to express our frustration at the inability of the authorities to address the following vexing issues:

1. The operation of a suspected brothel within the community.

2. The repairs to the gully running from Havendale through Meadow Way.

Since May 2016, the community had brought attention to the operation of a suspected brothel within the community. Several bits of correspondence have been sent to the authorities that have jurisdiction over such matters and have petitioned to have the operation shut down. These included:

1. Written communication to the Community Relations Office, Constant Spring Division;

2. Oral reports to the councillor of the Havendale division, Vernon McLeod;

3. Verbal report made to the Constant Spring police;

4. Written correspondence to the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation;

5. Written correspondence to the assistant commissioner of police in charge of Area Five;

6. Written correspondence to the commissioner of police;

7. Written correspondence to the minister of national security.

The matter is of grave concern for the residents within the community for various reasons, the main one being our personal safety and the security of our property. Given the potential for the introduction or intensifying of other illicit activities, including human trafficking, it is our hope some publicity of the matter will result in a positive intervention.

On the second matter, during the passage of Tropical Storm Nicole in September 2010, a section of the Meadow Way gully was destroyed by raging floodwaters. The councillor, Mr McLeod, and the residents of Meadow Way brought attention to this matter to the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation and the National Works Agency (NWA).




A team of personnel from the NWA made visits to the area to conduct assessment of the damage, but to date, no repairs have been done. The issue has become very dangerous and disconcerting as the breakaway has deteriorated substantially. The road to several residences is now undermined as the section of the breakaway is beneath the road.

It is amazing that while we are compliant with paying our property taxes, we are at the mercy of the NWA, which continues to make empty promises of having the infrastructure repaired.

In light of the two issues, we are struggling within our community. It is difficult to remain encouraged about the systems in place to seek redress. We daresay that we would like to believe in Vision 2030, of Jamaica being the place of choice to live, work, raise families, and do business.


Meadow Way, Meadowbrook