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Saved in St Martin by US military

Published:Tuesday | September 12, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I want to acknowledge the United States military who rescued my daughter, Annalese Brown, a Canadian citizen and a Jamaican who was stranded in St Martin up to Saturday. They not only rescued her and took her to Puerto Rico, they booked her into the Ritz-Carlton and paid for her stay.

Annalese, who was on a short holiday, is a final-year med student at the University of the West Indies.

After the hurricane, she was volunteering with the Dutch Coastguard to organise, deliver food, and help during the disaster.

The US military must be commended, especially when help from other countries was very limited, and Annalese was stranded not knowing what to do. I was so emotionally drained by the experience. Thank God she is now safe.

St Martin is now very devastated and really needs a lot of help. As our Caribbean brothers and sisters, we have to reach out with a helping hand.