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Letter of the Day | Do gays now call the shots on freedom of expression?

Published:Tuesday | January 30, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Is it a gay agenda triumphing over persons' right to expression (Pastor Steve Anderson)?

Who will protect my right to freedom of expression, views and to hear what I want to hear?

I am not surprised or shocked to see Pastor Steve Anderson from Faithful Word Baptist Church Temple, from Arizona, United States, banned from entering Jamaica as a result of his anti-gay beliefs. We are now witnessing Jamaica's hypocritical conniving and a foreseeable acceptance of gay rights over biblical and moral stands.

The Church, in my view, has long lost this war on righteousness and the protection of our society for morality. I see Jamaica as a nation of false preaching, just to build personal egos and a way to generate revenues for personal enhancement. Hence, the Church's values are no longer relevant.

If activists were able to gain 38,000 signatures to ensure Pastor Steve Anderson does not board a flight to Jamaica, what organisation rallied for opposing signatures so as to ensure freedom of expression is not trampled on? So Jamaica, wittingly or unwittingly, is now among the bearers of gay rights and against those who choose to take a biblical stand against gay thoughts and habits.

If you were to listen to interviews that were done with Pastor Anderson, you would be alarmed and concerned, as I am, with some of his utterances. He was asked in Botswana, "If the Bible condoned slavery, would he condone slavery?" He said yes. Regarding the Orlando gay nightclub shooting, he was asked, "Do you agree with the death of those people?" He said yes, because the Bible condemned homosexual acts. My point here is that faith will indeed drive you to accept what is unacceptable.

Let me be clear here. Personally, I am not against gays. But don't take away freedom of movement and speech to enhance the agenda of a sector of our society.