Wed | Jun 7, 2023

Steve McGregor, lovest thou JCF more than Jamaica?

Published:Tuesday | February 20, 2018 | 12:00 AM


The declared wish by acting Assistant Commissioner of Police Steve McGregor that the next police commissioner should come from the Jamaica Constabulary Force is one of the clearest signals yet that some law enforcers will not hesitate to sacrifice the greater good of the country for their narrow self-interest.

It's almost impossible to believe that it could have escaped the conscience and capability of Mr McGregor that no present member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force possesses the requisite competence required to create and lead a results-oriented and successful police apparatus.

I call on ACP McGregor to tell the nation publicly what are some of the game-changing thinking and methodologies that he knows that this person will bring to the position of commissioner of police.

It should be very interesting to know what kinds of emotions seize the minds and hearts of members of the JCF when they hear the spine-chilling comment that Jamaica is on the verge of becoming a failed state, chiefly because of crime, the very thing they are responsible to prevent/solve.


Jamaica impatient


For if Mr McGregor thinks for one moment that this country that has been stained and drenched with the blood of tens of thousands of our brothers and sisters over these many decades can afford the luxury of one more non-performing commissioner of police, clearly he is promoting the interest of the JCF over that of Jamaica.

The claim that no present member of the JCF hierarchy possesses the capability to fashion a successful police force is supported by the fact that every such member has both the responsibility and the opportunity to aid the force with crime-fighting strategies and methodologies, yet not one has been able to contribute an ounce of creative thinking that we could credit with having any chance of success.

Or is it that some persons are hoping that though, not having those competencies now, if given the job, miraculously those skills will fall in place?

I suggest to the Government that it focus the public-sector rationalisation programme on the JCF, particularly its hierarchy.