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Cassava Piece needs attention

Published:Wednesday | October 17, 2018 | 8:51 AM


A recent drive through Cassava Piece has influenced the writing of this letter to raise concern for persons who live in this area and for the schoolchildren who must negotiate the existing narrow roadway with heavy traffic flow and the lack of sidewalks.

This obvious main corridor, which forms the connection between the Constant Spring Road and the Mannings Hill Road, poses great danger for residents of Cassava Piece, particularly young children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Just observe, for example, the children leaving the Constant Spring Primary School at dismissal time each day.

Surely, the member of Parliament and the councillor for the area must be as concerned as I am. But all is not lost as with expansion work now proceeding on the Constant Spring Road, indeed, their influence at this time is relevant for this unacceptable situation in Cassava Piece to be addressed.

In order to respect the dignity and the rights of persons to a safe environment, Cassava Piece needs to be made a one-way road with a set speed limit, and traffic lights, and the construction of sidewalks should be a major consideration. There are several other roads that connect the Mannings Hill Road and the Constant Spring Road that may be contemplated in order for Cassava Piece to get its deserved attention.

Aldene Shillingford

Social Worker