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Letter of the Day | Thank you, PM for keeping your word

Published:Wednesday | October 17, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I have spent years as a helpless bystander as the residents of Chesterfield, located in Castleton, St Mary, struggled to get in and out of their community, especially during the rainy season. The pleas of the residents for representation and intervention appeared to have gone unheard for many long years.

That is, until Andrew Holness took office. I can honestly say that you never really know the extent of people's suffering until you experience it first-hand. It delighted my spirit to see the prime minister of Jamaica take off his shoes, roll up his pants and make the trek across that river to reach the community of Chesterfield in the same fashion as the residents and their children have done for years.

He got down to the level of the people and that is remarkable to see coming from the leader of the country. On that visit, the prime minister conveyed to residents that they and their children deserved so much better. Right then and there, he committed to constructing a bridge for the community.


Promise not conditional


Contrary to what I have heard, this promise was not conditional or contingent upon the victory of the Jamaica Labour Party's candidate, Dr Norman Dunn, who, by the way, is doing an excellent job.

The Chesterfield Bridge was going to be constructed by the Government of Jamaica for the people of Chesterfield and the wider people of St Mary who wish to access the community, irrespective of the outcome of that by-election. This was not an election promise. This was a commitment to improve the lives of the people of Chesterfield simply because their situation was unacceptable.

I want to use this opportunity to, on behalf of the Chesterfield community, thank the prime minister wholeheartedly for the fulfilment of this unconditional commitment. We are truly grateful and look forward to the completion of the bridge, which will bring unimaginable relief and vast improvements in the quality of life for the Chesterfield community members.

B. Senior