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What 600,000 barrels can do

Published:Friday | December 21, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Data for May 2018 from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) in the United States disclose that the finished product that can be derived from one barrel of oil is approximately, 20 gallons of gasolene, 11 gallons of ultra low-sulphur distillate (ULSD), four gallons of jet fuel, and six gallons of other miscellaneous petroleum products.

Converted to litres, using (4.54609 litres for one gallon), 600,000 barrels would produce approximately 54,600,000 litres of gasolene, 30,000,000 litres ULSD, 10,800,000 litres of jet fuel, and 16,200,000 litres of other products. We are talking about multimillion litres of finished products.

ULSD was introduced to the Jamaican market in June 2013 , a little over five years ago. The period of the audit is five years. Were I an investigator, I would be interested in looking at the books of petrol stations, more so those stations that have sprung up within the last five years.

It would also be interesting to see who are the principals of some of these petrol stations as I am of the firm belief that the 600,000 barrels did not leave the facilities of Petrojam in its crude state, but as finished products, over the period of the audit.