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Who’s managing HWT Transport Centre?

Published:Tuesday | February 26, 2019 | 12:00 AM


I would really want to know who is managing the Half-Way-Tree Transport Centre as it has become a dark, semi-white elephant-like place. The multibillion-dollar facility is in need of control and maintenance, as the level of neglect is of serious concern. I want to know why the relevant authorities allowed this ‘state-of-the-art’ facility to run down.

As a frequent commuter, I am unable to easily enter the transport centre on the Constant Spring Road entrance as encroaching vendors block the gateway. This not only inconveniences pedestrians, but increases the occurrence of theft/robbery, due to the lack of space in the vicinity.

Also, there’s the issue of idle congregants at the gate joyously smoking in the face of patrons. They also occupy the sidewalk, as if it’s their own personal space, and I am sure the outside isn’t rented. Hilariously, employees try to wash white walls with dirty water.

Illegal vendors seem to ignore the signs posted around the North Odeon side of the facility stating not to do so. They impede the flow of pedestrians and make one have to carefully navigate the myriad of wares if running to catch the bus.

The people selling there have such blatant disrespect for pedestrians, that they have even set up in the walkway, ramp and at entry points. The monitors that usefully told the arrival and departure times of the various routes are now blank, and black cobwebs cover the ceiling.

One no longer hears the radio playing on the integrated speakers, and the clocks are the only things that actually work. Is the authority waiting on Belgium or China to shell out some money for its upkeep?

This is why we’ll forever remain a Third-World country.