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Nothing has changed about the bus system

Published:Wednesday | February 27, 2019 | 12:00 AM


Professor Nuts said it best “…them deh time bus fare did cheap like asham, 10 cent fi man…”

The bus system nowadays hasn’t changed at all. Twenty-eight years later, we are still battling on the bus. The only thing that has changed is the fare.

I took a minibus last Saturday from Spanish Town to Mandeville, and I was so shocked to hear the fare had increased since the last time I took it, which was in December.

After practically being told which bus I must take, what followed was the string of curses from the loaders if anyone dared to take another bus. This has become the ordinary, as are the congested spaces and the poor interpersonal skills of the driver.

The real issue came when the bus driver attempted to collect the fare. When he was handed $350, which was the fare the last time I travelled, he proceeded to tell us that the fare was $400 because he was driving on the toll road.

It is $350 if they drive through Old Harbour. Now this is new to me, considering I never heard there was an increase in bus fare for this route, or any other route, for that matter.

The driver then continued to collect the fare and so when asked about the ticket or proof for travel, he enters the bus. The only explanation he gave before driving off is that they no longer give tickets to passengers, which obviously incited an uproar. The driver, as far as I’m concerned, couldn’t have cared less because he got his fare, so why argue with us?

This is an injustice for the people who have no other option. I am glad I was one of the fortunate ones that only travel occasionally. I can’t imagine what it might be like for those who have to do this daily, not knowing when the bus drivers (who are apparently calling the shots) will band together to raise it again.

The Transport Authority needs to investigate this matter, because it’s us who suffer in the end and if the Government can’t control this system then who will?