Fri | Oct 22, 2021

Wretched insurance companies

Published:Thursday | February 28, 2019 | 12:00 AM


It is common knowledge that the Jamaican public has been suffering for years at the hands and policies of insurance companies. Luckily, a change seems imminent based on the social media uptick which sees persons who are duped speaking out. Those given the runaround are also recording the atrocities they are experiencing at the hands of their insurance non-providers.

For far too long, insurance companies have been a law unto themselves.

Today, I’m imploring the Government to step in and stop this fiasco from continuing. Insurance companies are collecting billions annually and do not want to pay out when legitimate claims are made. It must stop!

Meanwhile, here are a few questions that lawmakers need to ponder then address:

1. Why are insurance companies allowed to have private investigators who work for them? Isn’t that biased and clearly contrary to the principles of natural justice?

2. Why are premiums due immediately, but when accidents occur, it takes years for insurance companies to settle with those who suffered loss?

3. When a good customer has been paying insurance for years and has never made a claim, what is the benefit to that customer from having insurance, and where has all the money he/she paid in premiums gone?

4. How come an insurance company can deny payment to a customer or person who has been injured or wronged, even on the basis of technicalities, even when the wrong is clear to all?

5. Finally, why are persons injured in motor vehicle accidents are required to cover their medical expenses and then prove that they have a claim and are due compensation when the vehicle involved was insured?

The only apparent difference between insurance and scamming is that insurance is actually backed by the law of the land while scamming is not.

Joseph Edwards