Thu | Dec 9, 2021

Unnerved by Momo Challenge

Published:Tuesday | March 5, 2019 | 12:07 AM


I have been unnerved by the recent warnings regarding the Momo Challenge – a WhatsApp message that challenges their intended target to do abnormal activities that will ultimately lead to their death or the death of others.What has this world come to? The mastermind of this challenge has to have some mental illness to have thought of such a despicable act.Just as sick as the 22-year-old Russian perpetrator of the Blue Whale Challenge, who started this as a hobby.

He constantly chose vulnerable victims in which he would enable them to harm themselves, slowly deteriorating their mental health.

The Momo Challenge is similar to this, as it uses disturbing images and texts to influence their victims into doing heinous acts. The emergence of these cults is a travesty that is slowly harming the youths of society and creating mass panic among police officials, educators and parents.

Whether or not this challenge is a ‘hoax’, the impact and influence of it is of grave concern.

Just one foot in the door can damage the mental health of one child and can cause a chain reaction for those around them.

Too much demonic forces are in this world, continuing to promote only death and despair. Soon, our youth will become victims, and no one will be able to see it coming.

What can we do but monitor the activities of the young people? I believe that this is not enough. We need to promote self-esteem and ensure that our youth know that they are loved. Physical abuse is one thing, as it is evident on a child’s physical form, but mental manipulation may not be seen until the very end.

We need to act, and we need to be vigilant, especially with the social media sites which these perpetrators operate.