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Politics, class and race in Portland

Published:Wednesday | March 6, 2019 | 12:00 AM


A person born in a particular class and colour cannot be blamed for her/his class origin. However, on the contrary, they cannot deny that they are a privileged set, born in wealth and social power. They can influence, build, develop and even destroy with their wealth and power. Here lies the hypocrisy of the system, as they project themselves as equal with others. No, they are not equal; they are more equal than others. So Jamaica, please cease the hypocrisy.

In South Africa, Barbados, Zimbabwe, South West Africa and, of course, Jamaica, the system, the heritage from Britain, has originally placed black people at the bottom of the social and economic class.

Damion Crawford’s outburst is not fake news; it is the reality of life in Jamaica. The fact is, the Jamaican racial system is a system in which many in the lighter shade are the beneficiaries of a colonial and slave-ownership society,

It is, therefore, no lie that people of white or Caucasian hue will project themselves, even verbally, as being better and more capable than those of us who happen to be black.

The sad truth is that there is also a history and tendency in the JLP to usher in the siblings, sons and daughters of those who are white or light-skinned as inheritors of privileges throughout the history of Jamaica.


In South West St Ann, the people were exposed to the dynasty of light-skinned Gallimores; St Elizabeth has the Sangsters; and there are also the Samudas – there is not a black dynasty.

Yes, one can argue why the black masses have to bow down to these people of a certain skin colour. The system beats up on the poor and ensures those in wealth remain rich forever.

The slave money of yesteryear continues to make more dividend, even though slavery was done away with years ago.

A society that continues to deny itself the truth will ultimately run into trouble, as the truth can never be hidden permanently.

Let us continue to be truthful to ourselves, acknowledge the racial and class division and use our morality and value to mitigate situations which may lead us later in life to rebellion and revolution.