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The sins of irresponsibility

Published:Saturday | March 9, 2019 | 12:00 AM


The same reason why obeah flourishes in Jamaica is the reason why irresponsibility and its attendant difficulties survive.

A parent who refuses to take a child roasting with fever to the doctor will later visit the obeah man to ascertain who is responsible for the child’s death. Someone else must be at fault.

The mindset of irresponsibility is obvious in the way a youth daily sits on a wall burning the weed, while nursing an envy and hate for ‘Mr Biggs’ ‘cause dem man deh a capitalist who a hol di money fi dem self an naah duh nutten fi help yout an yout’.

Yet, he is failing to realise that ‘Mr Biggs’ was also a youth but took and accepted responsibility for his own life.

This posture easily fuels crime and violence, since one is immediately a victim with a twisted justice to respond.

Robbery will be justified in this kind of culture, and any residue of conscience among well-thinking people is in danger of becoming compromised.

The number of mothers who bear the lonely burden of childcare is not unrelated to this irresponsible behaviour among babyfathers, for their only occasion and function in life is to impregnate women and move on to the next. And if she’s unable to find a good Samaritan who happens by to help her mind di pickney, sorry, she just have to try manage by herself.

In fact, irresponsibility may account for the number of abortions being performed, since life is purely about fun and great abandon, and if the upshot is pregnancy, too bad, that developing life or foetus just has to be another casualty of our freedom from accountability.