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Constant Spring incursion?

Published:Tuesday | March 12, 2019 | 12:07 AM


On Friday, March 8, 2019, I watched a documentary about the Tivoli incursion in May 2010 called Four days in May: Kingston 2010 at The University of the West Indies. Some of the affected people – including a mother whose two sons were reportedly taken away from her and killed, a lady that was reportedly injured from a bomb, et al – were in attendance and, after the documentary, gave damning commentaries. An incursion is defined as an invasion or attack. Synonyms include ‘attack on’, ‘assault on’, ‘raid on’, ‘invasion of’, ‘storming of’, ‘overrunning of’.

Historically, market sites were “areas that the newly freed slaves” were “allowed to gather” and trade their wares and stuff that the planter class did not want or thought much of! Hence, the sites were all on the outskirts of ‘towns and villages’ or by the seasides – no beach areas!

Constant Spring Market was on the outskirts of Constant Spring, where it served the Constant Spring and Manor Park communities and its environs for decades. It reportedly served the citizens well and significantly contributed to the environs and, consequently, the economy.

A large group of us are displeased with the outcome of the saga surrounding the Constant Spring Market and its vendors. Like the grossly inhumane Tivoli incursion in May 2010, this ‘hol’ down and take whey’ approach appears to be no different. Backra seems to have returned and had the upper hand as he, et al, wielded his whip as they chased the vendors away.

The market was demolished on Saturday, March 9, 2019.

Sad, isn’t it?