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Fed up with the roadwork

Published:Thursday | March 14, 2019 | 12:00 AM


I am one very frustrated and angry Jamaican. I am tired and fed up with the roadwork projects, water disruptions and chaos that have transformed the capital city into an obstacle course and a congested parking lot during and outside of peak hours.

I need someone to tell me who will repay me for the number of punctures to my car tyres, the damage to the front end of my vehicle, and the hundreds of thousands of dollars I have spent so far for petrol just sitting in the hot vehicle for hours at a time in traffic jams.

This Government has wrecked small businesses in the areas where the roadworks are being undertaken, and eaten into the pockets of hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans who have no choice but to pay hefty repair bills for the damage to their vehicles and suck up the additional costs for gasolene.

My child has been suffering from all sorts of congestive illnesses because of the dust nuisance, just on account of going to school along Constant Spring Road.

This is further compounded by the constant disruptions in water supply.

Didn’t Prime Minister Andrew Holness and his government think of the impact this stupidity of ­digging up four major roadways all at once would have on ordinary Jamaicans?

I have reached the end of my tether with the levels of ­mismanagement, waste, corruption and lack of compassion of this Government and this country.

This is no ‘little inconvenience’; this is a major disaster imposed on the ordinary folk by the state.

Can someone with good sense step in and rescue us once and for all?

R. Edward Greenland

Stony Hill