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Fight to save Discovery Bay

Published:Friday | March 22, 2019 | 12:00 AM


I applaud Carolyn Cooper’s forthright summation of events in Discovery Bay. All true. It takes someone like her to just tell it like it is. It is actually a national disgrace, that this iconic bay (none like it in Jamaica) should be doomed by greed.

Yes, some of the “millionaire row” homeowners may have been belatedly ‘woken’. I can only speak for myself! I have possibly the smallest cottage on the road, bought 35 years ago when prices were depressed, and laboriously improved, block by board, over those years, but no bigger.

But my relationship with the bay goes back 60 years, when I was 14 and began going there with friends.

As simply as I can say it, I love the bay. Beautiful, yes, but more so, it heals one within. I don’t have a beach, just rocky steps into the water, same difference if I swim with floating dolphin whatnot. But that isn’t even it. The scientists have shown us that, without a shadow of a doubt, maybe not next week, maybe not next month, or next year, but eventually, the bay will die.

The additional nutrients will cause algae growth and bloom, the coral will die, the sea grass will die, the fish nurseries will die. This has happened and been documented ALL OVER THE WORLD. And again, as simply as I can say it, I don’t want the bay to die.

I joined a petition (the Discovery Bay Community Development Committee), and promoted it. Sent 2,000 emails, wrote dozens and dozens of letters, tried absolutely everything I could think of. .

We are going to court. This outrage must be stopped!