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How should we ‘Reid’ this?

Published:Saturday | March 23, 2019 | 12:00 AM


In Jamaica, politics and corruption are, seemingly, Siamese twins. Yet again, another scandal has developed, involving a prominent politician whom one would not, readily, align with corruption, but, as is often said, ‘politics makes strange bedfellows’.

Rightly, in light of that breaking scandal, Prime Minister Andrew Holness swiftly fired the former education, youth and information minister, Ruel Reid, via demanding his resignation. Good governance demands decisive action from leaders, especially when the situation warrants such a move.

The one question I have for PM Holness is, why did you act so quickly in sacking Ruel Reid, but in relation to former minister of Science, Technology and Energy, Dr Andrew Wheatley, you waited much longer to act in like manner? PATRICK GALLIMORE