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Standing with Calabar teacher

Published:Monday | March 25, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Sanjaye Shaw


I am disappointed by the response of Calabar High School regarding the incident involving teacher and head of the Physics Department, Sanjaye Shaw. There should be serious consequences for bad behaviour. Athletes are not above the law, and coaches are very wrong if they perpetuate this type of culture at the school. ISSA’s response was also lacklustre. We shouldn’t be grooming students to become criminals. Imagine if this was the other way around and the teacher had assaulted those students.

If track stars now run the school, Calabar has lost its way and ­obviously forgotten its core ­principles and Baptist roots. Physics teachers are not easy to find either, and here we have one going the extra mile to ­organise a physics camp to enhance ­learning, while looking out for the best interests of ­students under his care. It makes no sense that athletics would take dominance over academics and discipline in a school when there can be a balance.

Mr Shaw should be commended for sharing his story and ­filing a police report, given the ­limited response from the school. Even more commendable is his ­rejection of the offer of a bribery payment to drop the case and stay silent. There is far more at stake when students are allowed to verbally and ­physically abuse teachers in school, with little or no consequences.

P. Chin