Fri | Jan 28, 2022

Prayer is power

Published:Tuesday | March 26, 2019 | 12:00 AM


I am writing today based on my many experiences with the One who truly loves us even when nobody does. The One, without a doubt, who wakes us up every morning and walks with us to work or school and provides food for us to eat. God is more than just an essential aspect of one’s life. He is more like a “can’t do without”; hence, our waking up is not our own doing. Passing a math test, driving to work this morning and reaching safe, being able to smile or having happiness are examples of how God extends His grace to His people.

Ever since I was a child, I was taught a simple prayer: “Dear Jesus, thank You for my Mommy and Daddy. Please help me to love You and to serve You. Forgive me of my sins. In Your name, Amen.” This prayer was a wonderful and concise prayer, and it stuck with me even when I was transitioning into teenage years.

One day, my mother said, “Son, it is time for you to think and add.” The word to focus on based on what my mother said is ‘add’. How many of us stop to add, how many of us stop to add “Thank You, Jesus, for my promotion; thank You, Jesus, for me having a job so I can eat; thank You, Jesus, for bringing me here safely without any accident”? Do you realise how many things could have happened to you while driving or even walking every day?

Many of us do not understand that if we want to increase or go forward in life, we have to add. Add “Jesus, help me to build a house” to your prayer. You might think that maybe that is too much to ask, but nothing is too much for God.

What we as individuals must understand is that in adding various things in our prayers, various blessings will result. Prayer is power, and with prayer, we can make or break anything.