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Letter of the Day | Calabar High has lost the bar

Published:Thursday | March 28, 2019 | 12:00 AM


Open letter to Calabar High School

I was rather disappointed upon hearing about the alleged assault of a Calabar High School teacher by two students. As the story unfolds, the teacher tells his side where he was assaulted verbally and physically. The school also has its account, which says that the students were disrespectful, but did not assault the teacher. I was surprised to hear that the students in question would use the phrase, ‘track students run school’. Well, Calabar needs to teach its students that tracks students do not run school, but run around in school.

The school states that the mere fact that the students were disrespectful warrants a punishment of suspension. A suspension that was given to the students months after the act was committed, only because the teacher was adamant that they should be suspended. This so-called suspension was as a little slap on the wrist as the students were still allowed to continue participating in school activities. It’s no secret that schools across Jamaica have issue with indiscipline. It is no secret that students disrupt classes while teachers are teaching, and even challenge teachers to their faces. Teachers are disciplined by the administration for the students’ rude behaviour and even sometimes administration dares to say it’s the teacher’s fault – that he can’t control the class.

Indiscipline can be found in every level of the school, something that should be addressed by the Ministry of Education. Indiscipline not only on the students’ part, but also on the part of the administrators themselves, who cover up and support these actions of rude students. I am crying shame on the administration of Calabar for the way in which this matter was dealt with. Covering up for students when they are wrong breeds the corruption that we see in our country. Students are being favoured, due to their ability to contribute to sports, not even academics, but sports.

These are my recommendations: Calabar’s course of action must be one that involves the proper suspension of the students, a suspension that involves the students not participating in the Boys and Girls’ Championship taking place. I believe the acting principal should tender his resignation immediately for the embarrassment that he has caused the school – he has failed to fulfil his duties and has compromised the education system in the name of athletics. Calabar needs to restore its bar, bar of discipline and integrity.

Christopher Johnson

Minister of Religion