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Healthcare facilities need improvement

Published:Friday | March 29, 2019 | 12:00 AM


Acquiring proper healthcare is one essential way of prolonging one’s life, and this is an area in which Jamaica needs to improve. This proper healthcare cannot be bestowed unto the sick without a welcoming environment and a government that ensures that all healthcare professionals are operating according to ethical principles whether the facility is private or not.

Speaking of ethical principles, it seems as if some of our healthcare professionals keep forgetting their code of conduct. The foremost principle of healthcare is ‘first, do no harm’. Thus, every patient has a right to assume that their healthcare providers are actively seeking his good. But in the case of 58-year-old Faylyn, who was found with maggots in her mouth at a private nursing home, this rule was totally diminished. Why? There seems to be a never-ending trend of patients being treated as if they do not have a right to healthcare.

Apart from healthcare professionals being unprofessional, another problem with our healthcare facilities is the lack of certain infrastructure to make them a bit more welcoming.

I recently visited a clinic, and I must say that I was very disappointed. I felt as if I was at a camp in Iraq. The phlebotomist was operating in a very enclosed, boarded space that had only a piece of cloth separating her from her incoming patients.


Comparing this situation, and others, to when I was younger, there is not much difference, which shows that there has been little to no improvement in some healthcare facilities.

Therefore, I am left to believe that the money allocated to healthcare is just not enough or it is not being put to good use; that there is no health surveillance being done to evaluate the suitability of a healthcare worker to carry out certain duties in order to implement improvements for the effective functioning of healthcare systems; and that there has been a continuous positioning of ministers who fail to improve these healthcare facilities during their tenure.

If as a country we should achieve the 2030 vision, improvement in healthcare is a must.