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Where is the investigative journalism?

Published:Saturday | March 30, 2019 | 12:00 AM


I have always heard that Jamaican journalists don’t do much investigative work. If you watch, listen to, or read the news in the Jamaican media, all or most of the reports are about the obvious – topics or incidents out in the public? Mr politician, businessman, or professional said this and said that, or an accident, shooting, a fire or death happened here or there. No news where you can say that a journalist has done some legwork to gather information that is the interest of the public. It’s not enough to just go to these press conferences to report on what a politician or someone else has to say.

Corruption and abuse of power are rampant in Jamaica (news of corruption is now revealed by the opposition political party or the release of the auditor general’s report). Just look at the police, the civil service, the awarding of public contracts, and the list goes on on. Journalists, please do some meaningful work and help the country.

The only time I can remember some real investigative journalism work was Janice Budd on CVM’s Probe.

The reason for writing this email is the lingering frustration I have with the media and its lazy, on-the -surface work of news reporting.

I have been following the Uchence Wilson Gang trial, and this witness is revealing many robberies, rapes, and shootings, and not one time in any of the reports (RJR, TVJ, CVM, Gleaner, Star, Observer, etc) is there any confirmation that, yes, these things did happen. I am reading and hoping that the report would say, ‘This robbery did take place and was reported to the police.’

I’m sure some of these accounts can be checked against police records. I am hoping that the media can back up this witness or let us know if he is lying.

Come on, man! Unuh can duh betta. Anyway, nothing personal.

One love.