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Let us focus on the positive

Published:Monday | April 1, 2019 | 12:00 AM


All Jamaicans must be focused on the positive step for Jamaica and where we would like to see it in the next decade – to let the nation’s children grow up in a society that will lead them to an environment that will yield successes.

Jamaica needs more transformation leaders who see things in a positive light and not the negative, to keep us on top. How wonderful it would look if all Jamaicans, including our leaders in the House of Representatives on both sides, would work together for one common goal, that a light can be at the end of the tunnel.

Jamaica is a beautiful island of wood and water, but we have a problem that all Jamaicans and our Opposition must sit with the Government to put an end to, and that is crime and corruption, which plague many sections of society.

The reason why these problems are affecting our society is because all around are some sick people in every sector, who do wrong and put the blame on others to face the serious backlash, while acting as if they are spotless and clean.

Pray for Jamaica

As a member of the Anglican Church in Jamaica & Cayman Island and also a member of a school PTA committee, I ask all church leaders and all Jamaicans to pray for this our island home called Jamaica because God must take full control.

I also call on all men in Jamaica to serve on a school board, or a PTA committee, and mentor all children in the school, so that after they leave school they can be leaders in the future – such as the next prime minister or governor general – and so deter them from turning to a life of crime.