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What’s the alternative to corporal punishment?

Published:Tuesday | April 2, 2019 | 12:00 AM


In recent years, the Government has placed a ban on corporal punishment in schools. This has come after frequent cases in which teachers have been taken to court on cases of child abuse. At present, the children within our school system are very disruptive, and teachers simply giving orders to behave has little to no effect in the classroom.

Teachers and guidance counsellors seem to be overwhelmed by the issue of dealing with these disruptive students, and as such, students continue to misbehave without any form of repercussions. I would like to know what alternative the Ministry of Education has in place of the previously used corporal punishment to reprimand students who are constantly misbehaving and, basically, getting away scot-free.

Teachers are humans, too, and they are under a tremendous amount of stress trying to cope with and abide by the rules that have been set in place by the Ministry of Education. Is it expected that they should just accept the disruptive and disrespectful behaviour of students in the classroom?

The Ministry of Education should try to collaborate with the administration in schools to have some type of system put in place where students who are constantly disruptive or disrespectful in the classroom are either placed in a special programme to help with their behavioural challenges or have to do some form of community service for them to learn how to interact with others. Teachers are tasked with empowering and preparing our future generation of leaders. They are dedicated and committed to what they do.

They have very little power in the classroom, and parents seem to have no control over their children, either. Students who misbehave in class should be punished, but instead, the issue is pushed aside, and teachers are expected to just act as if they are blind, deaf, and dumb in these instances.

We cannot have a system in which teachers are the ones being punished by allowing them to accept the disrespect that they face on a daily basis in the classroom, and the students do as they please. This will result in a society filled with indisciplined and reckless people in the future if action is not taken to provide teachers with an alternative to corporal punishment. The school system should be less focused on student rights and more focused on training students to be good citizens.