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We must unite for a prosperous Jamaica

Published:Wednesday | April 3, 2019 | 12:26 AM


On Monday, April 1, 2019, The Gleaner published an editorial titled ‘PetroCaribe Development Fund closure, Wigton IPO and lessons for Jamaica’. I was elated to read same with an overwhelming feeling that Jamaica is going in right direction. Jamaica has been growing significantly over the past two years, with citizens’ lives being made easier as opportunities have presented themselves in all sectors.

The Government’s decision to bring closure to the PetroCaribe Development Fund (PDF) has created an opening for the Wigton IPO. One word to describe this act is ‘prosperity’. This movement highlights the evolution of Jamaica’s energy arrangement and demonstrates the Government’s intention to create a greener environment for Jamaicans. This goes hand in hand with the recent ­‘scandal bag’ ban, which I believe was long overdue.

I will say proudly that I am jubilant about these latest actions. We must invest in cleaner energy and help to cut our growing electricity costs. Even more exciting is the prospect of owning a part of Wigton through the purchase of shares in the upcoming IPO. Reducing Jamaica’s expense through less oil purchases and saving the environment will be beneficial to everyone and to future generations.

The effective collaboration among Wigton, the PDF and the Government over the past decade, in utilising the benefits of that energy arrangement, is commendable.

I encourage the private-sector bodies to work with the public sector in making Jamaica a better place. Implementing ideas or different solutions and executing them in making the country fruitful must be the mindset of every Jamaican.

In order for a prosperous country, there must be cohesion.