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JADEP and the elderly

Published:Thursday | April 4, 2019 | 12:00 AM


Somehow, there doesn’t seem to be any concern from the National Health Fund to promote the awareness of the JADEP ( Jamaica Drug for the Elderly Programme) card and its system to Mandeville pharmacies and its environs. My father, who has been diagnosed with hypertension, vascular heart disease and prostate cancer, has been a JADEP cardholder for over four years. Whenever I present his card, along with a private prescription, I am constantly told that his regular drugs are not available at the cost of JA$40 for one month’s supply of each item covered to a maximum of JA$240 for six or more items under the JADEP.

During the same transaction, whenever I present his normal NHF card along with the same prescription, most if not all of his drugs are available at a monthly cost ranging from JA$2,500 to JA$8,000 each, depending upon the type of drug being requested. If I decide to fill my father’s prescription outside of Mandeville. I am most certain to get his drugs at JA$40 each as suggested by the NHF subject to availability.

Are the Mandeville sick and elderly expected to ‘pay through their nose’ when it comes to fill their monthly prescriptions? Is there a different policy being implemented for those living in Mandeville to that of the rest of Jamaica?

Wesley Thomas