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Ramp up dental health programmes

Published:Saturday | April 6, 2019 | 12:00 AM


As a follow-up to the letter ‘Children need dental care’ published on March 19, 2019, again I would like to emphasise the need for more dental nurses to be in the healthcare delivery system. The dental nurse can significantly add more value to the health and well -being of our children, not only in dental care but in the fight against obesity and other lifestyle diseases.

Cut sugary drinks

Dental nurses have always been an advocate against the consumption of sugary food and drinks.

This is done through their Oral Health Education and Promotion programmes carried out in schools. Unfortunately, these programmes has been significantly reduced and in some areas non-existent, due to the attrition of dental nurses and the discontinuation of training for replacement.

I, therefore, now call on the Minister of Health to consider the training of dental nurses, as this can also support his Jamaica Moves initiative.