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Agriculture is the answer

Published:Monday | April 8, 2019 | 12:00 AM


Agriculture is the sector that will drive growth in the economy, in order for all Jamaicans to see a positive dream. It will let their children, growing up on this island, see a better way of life, studying and working to bring hope for their further.

As a member of the Anglican Church in Jamaica & the Cayman Islands, I must encourage the churches and all Jamaicans to get involved in agriculture, full-time or part-time, to help put more money into your pockets, which will benefit families and the wider society.

Agriculture is a tool to fix hunger and should help the unemployed find meaningful employment. Many of our nation’s children are not looking to this sector for opportunity, but the reality is that everyone on this island, and all over the world, have to consume food, and agriculture is the primary producer of all foods.

I must commend the Government on how they promote this sector, especially in schools. it is even at the school where I serve on the PTA committee, but a lot more work needs to be done, because I am still seeing idle lands when I travel around the island.

I am calling on the Government to partner with the private sector to put those lands into meaningful production and not housing, because soon we will have a major problem with food if we don’t stop housing from taking over prime lands for agriculture; that pains my heart, and it needs to be addressed.

Prime Minister Andrew Holiness, the last Budget tabled in the House by you and the new finance minister, Dr Nigel Clark, gives a positive direction in which this island called Jamaica is going; and I have heard commendations from the media, but this is a time to look around and see where the loopholes are in all the ministries and tackle them, because a lot more work needs to be done. Good job so far, sir, and may God bless and your Cabinet and also the parliamentary Opposition.