Tue | Aug 3, 2021

East Portland lost

Published:Tuesday | April 9, 2019 | 12:00 AM

Open letter to East Portland:


When Norman Manley made it clear to educate us, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) rebuffed it and asked, “Education can nyam?” And the Labourites said “No, we want food.”

When P.J. Patterson announced the starting of Highway 2000, Edward Seaga asked, “Can highway full belly?” The Labourites said, “No!” Then he said “We want food”.

I said that to say this, the People’s National Party (PNP) has been trying over the years for us to be educated so that we don’t sell our souls and take bribes from politicians and behind-the-scenes billionaires.

The PNP wants us to be politically independent. This was Damion Crawford’s message, which no J nor P pundits can say was not a good approach for every individual and for the country.

East Portland, you are the one who have lost, not Damion, and I say this: You will regret it, for your lands will be the first to be targeted.

My belief is that the JLP mission, from early as Bustamante’s time of ‘education cyan nyam’ , was not to get us educated. It is so that they can brainwash us and manipulate us with money to vote for them. They never wanted us to be educated, and certainly not politically independent.

If you, the over 9,000 voters, were educated and politically independent, you would not have taken their filthy, corrupt money to vote or not to vote.

I am so sorry for you because you can’t see the danger that you have caused on yourselves and your families to sell your souls.

What did Mr Seaga say about these young Turks that got him out? And look at what you went for, ‘selling your soul’.

As I close, I always said, if this generation read and research and know the history of the JLP, you would not collect even $1 million to vote for them.