Thu | Dec 9, 2021

Only patriotic England-based Reggae Boyz, please

Published:Tuesday | April 9, 2019 | 12:00 AM


The issue of the non-signing of the relevant documents prior to playing for the Reggae Boyz by the England-based players is a sour matter that needs to be addressed. I am taken aback as to the motive of these players why they are unwilling to sign these critical documents for us to have them playing for us.

If they don’t give 100 per cent interest in our programme, we should not use them. We want persons with the relevant dynamism and zest to play for us. In other words, they must be patriotic to the cause of the programme.

If these players feel they are not willing to make the sacrifice and play for the Jamaican team, then immediately we should discard them and seek other players. It is apparent that we are doing something wrong. We are truly dissatisfied with the level of dishonesty shown by some of these England-based Reggae Boyz.

We should also forget about the Craig Butler clan, because there are many hard-working Jamaicans who only want half a chance to play for us. Craig Butler, as manager of his children, is dragging his feet and creating undue pressure on our programme. No one should be or feel they are bigger than the programme.

Whenever the England-based players know they have a chance for a call-up to the English squad, they are generally all undecided when it comes to our programme. We can certainly do without these players. The good thing about them is that they act with more professionalism than our locally grown players.

They are always willing to work hard and train when our players do not want to make these sacrifices. This was the case of a young, talented, promising former Montego Bay United player who, when summoned to do duties for the Reggae Boyz team by technical director Theodore Whitmore, was not willing to train hard.