Wed | Jan 19, 2022

Keep Jamaica clean

Published:Thursday | April 11, 2019 | 12:00 AM


My fellow Jamaicans, we must work together with the Government to protect our environment from pollution, because if this situation continues the way it is now, where only the Government is working to save it, in the future we will have a major problem.

If unruly people and business owners continue to pollute the environment, and they believe that they are doing something good, they are wrong because we are only damaging ourselves.

I call on the regulated authorities, like the National Environment and Planning Agency, and the police, to get tougher in enforcing the law more by employing undercover environmental inspectors islandwide to prosecute unscrupulous persons and business owners who are littering the nation’s streets. Clubs should also be set up in schools to teach children ways to help protect the environment and let them know more about the dangers of mosquitoes.

My fellow Jamaicans, many times I am on the nation’s streets and what I see pains my heart, where beautiful is no more. As an irrigation specialist, many times I encounter a lot of garbage in the canals and rivers, where it ends up in the sea, affecting marine life.


If each one does the right thing by disposing of your garbage in the correct way, the relevant authorities would have less work to do. And the money that the Government is spending to try to keep the island clean could be used in areas such as building more schools, improving police stations and other public sectors that serve the nation.

I must also commend the Government for banning single-use plastic bags that have been killing the environment for many years, to show us the citizens that we must take care of sweet, sweet Jamaica.

When we visit other countries around the world, we have to follow their laws and keep their country clean, so we must do the same for our country, where a lot of opportunities are for the nation’s children.