Thu | Jan 20, 2022

Route taxi terrorism

Published:Saturday | April 13, 2019 | 12:00 AM


Decent, law-abiding, tax-paying motorists are put through ‘route taxi terrorism’ each and every day on Kingston and St Andrew’s streets. All their usual reckless, arrogant, and vulgar behind-the-wheel behaviour is well known, so I will not go over that ‘familiar road’.

It seems that a ‘gear shift’ needs to be done and focus placed on why, seemingly, the police and the Ministry of Transport are doing nothing to, meaningfully, address and arrest this highly visual and vexing issue.

It has been stated by a well-known columnist that a policeman owns some ten route taxis, and they are allowed to drive as recklessly as they please due to a cleverly orchestrated payment scheme conducted by that particular policeman. The brakes need to be swiftly and permanently drawn on route taxi terrorism otherwise we, the vexed victims, will continue to suffer.