Wed | Dec 1, 2021

Turn spotlight on CASE

Published:Saturday | April 13, 2019 | 12:00 AM


With Portland’s spotlight dimming after the election excitement as a parent, I’d love if someone could give some attention to the College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE). Specifically, the management and operations of the institution need to be changed.

My son, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree, always returns home with new infections and is currently nursing gastrointestinal problems. He says that students are being given food with raw meat in it, and overall, the food is not properly cooked. Theoretically, my son can name all the food-related bacteria that exist, but this is not for students’ consumption, who are doing their best far from home.

I have tried to understand what the problem is at the over 80-year-old agricultural school but was told by my son that the operators and lecturers at the school don’t care.

I tried another route by making personal contact with an employee there, and what I heard was shocking. Aside from lackadaisical management and non-payment of fees by students, which contribute to the lack of provisions available, the Government literally has no rule or role in the school. The only inkling of any ‘regulation’ is the politically motivated control of the board/institution. It is appalling to know that my child is suffering due to neglect and cronyism because his school is ‘inna di bush’ , far removed from Kingston, and is a political bed. Newly elected MP Ann Marie Vaz trumpeted on the campaign trail the case to ‘make CASE great again’ by giving scholarships to people to attend the institution. I am sure that she would never send her children there, especially in its current state. The Government says it’s trying to attract young people to go into farming and to do it properly through education to increase standards. But if this is how people training to be professionals are treated while learning, that dream is a fake dream.

Pay attention to CASE now!