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Domestic violence and the victims

Published:Tuesday | April 16, 2019 | 12:00 AM


acts of domestic and sexual violence have taken precedence in recent times. The recent case on Waltham Park Road left a bitter taste in our mouths. How could we have averted such a tragedy? One young woman is dead and a whole community traumatised by the action of this domestic offender and abuser. Is it because you are a husband, you have a God-given right to have sexual pleasure with your estranged wife? Do you own a woman if you’ve tied the knot and have decided to become a husband? Domestic violence has no part in modern-day life, despite the growing trend of the felony.

We, as men, must take this matter seriously and consider the issues which this travesty of justice might bring to loved ones left behind. A 12-year-old is now left without a mother or a father and will have to go through life with a much deeper view. One cannot try to imagine what is going through her mind because of what she has experienced.

She must be in a perpetually moribund state and must feel like a dead carcass herself. Bringing her back to a state of stability will require constant engagement with top-class counselling. No form of sympathy can bring her back, but she needs to be saved from the bizarre experience.