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The house slave syndrome

Published:Saturday | April 20, 2019 | 12:00 AM


Slavery was perpetuated by the house slaves who would carry information to the ‘Buckra Masters’ on the field slaves who did not have great privileges. The indignities that slavery presents itself with could have ended long before the actual time in 1838.

In every society, there exist traitors against their own race by people who are mavericks who choose to be different.

There are many traitors to the black race who would have perpetuated chattel slavery for it to continue to exist today. The house slaves who could read would give the other slaves hell because they felt they had a say in the affairs of the estates. They were trusted lieutenants by the slave masters because they felt they were better than those who worked in the sun on the estates.

There are many people in society today, if they are given a privileged position, they will sink their brother-man to go one rung higher. These backbiters will carry the most news and cause others to lose their vital place in whatsoever organisation they are a part of. The black race continues to bleed and disintegrate due to traitors who are making life miserable for their co-workers. This is what they call the crab-in-the-barrel syndrome. The disunity of the black race stems from this despicable behaviour, which has pervaded the black communities for centuries. It is like we are cursed to fight one another for one to get to a better place than the other.

The trafficking of persons lifts its ugly head in modern times as a form of slavery because of those among us who think they can sabotage the race by greed to live. Unfortunately, these people will not go very far because they are not genuine to any form of uplifting cause at all. They would sell you as they sold out Marcus Mosiah Garvey to achieve their personal gratification. We are in an awkward world as black people and we will never know ourselves until our backs are against the wall. Trafficking of black people is chiefly masterminded by black cowards who have unaltered thoughts of being wise.