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Road accidents – the elephant in the room

Published:Monday | April 22, 2019 | 12:22 AM


So much fuss about road fatalities, and quite rightly so. The statistics are frightening, with no significant decrease or consistent improvement on yearly figures.

The point is, a major contributory factor to such unfortunate incidents is related to one of the main elements of corruption within the Jamaican society – the accepted practice of buying driver’s licences.

This is constantly overlooked and accepted. Most Jamaicans are aware of this practice – apparently apart from law enforcement officers – and indeed know someone who has obtained a licence by this method. Beneficiaries include young men and women who have just gone out and purchased a motor vehicle.

How difficult would it be for the police, or even the press, to identify the responsible parties?

The point is that a driver who has just bought a driver’s licence perhaps has no knowledge of the road/highway code and has not benefited from a structured course of learning, which helps to instil discipline and respect on the highways.


How many more will die because of this major element of corruption?

Yes, accidents will happen, but wouldn’t it be interesting to establish how many of these unfortunate souls obtained licences via this method?

Concerned road user