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Process to license teachers is far advanced

Published:Wednesday | April 24, 2019 | 12:14 AM


The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information and its agency, the Jamaica Teaching Council, share the concern of letter writer Zavia Davis published April 11 under the title ‘Teachers need to be licensed’ – specifically on the need for accountability in the teaching profession. While we are aware that the introduction of the licensing of teachers has taken some time, today we are well ahead in the process.

The appropriate draft legislation has been approved by the Cabinet, and the chief parliamentary counsel will take it through the final process.

Kindly note that it was absolutely necessary for us to lay the foundation for effective and efficient processes and procedures for licensing of teachers.

The professional standards are now in place and the appraisal instruments are going through their final stages of trialing to allow for full introduction.

Sustained national dialogue was needed in order to make paradigm shifts from punishment orientation to collaboration for success, from linear learning outcomes of education to diverse opportunities and outcomes, from individual achievement to collective responsibility underpinned by love and care in the classroom.

Advancement of teaching and the teaching profession is a national responsibility and we appreciate the interest of persons like yourself.

We look forward to the cooperation and support of students, parents/guardians, churches, public and private sectors, as we all strive to ensure good-quality education for all our learners.


Chief Executive Officer

Jamaica Teaching Council